Why We All Need An Inspiration Wall.

There's a corner of my studio where I stick up pictures that take my fancy. They are images torn from magazines and catalogues, as well as the occasional photo or drawing.  I like to change it regularly because after a time you stop seeing things and that particular line or colour that looked so appealing last week looses it's meaning.
My current inspiration wall,
with a strong showing of Catto Gallery catalogues!
And why do I need an inspiration wall?

  • It takes me out of a narrow mind set.
  • It fills my brain with good colour combinations .
  • If I choose right there's good drawing to see.
  • It gives me something to compare my own work with.    ( Not sure if that's good or bad)

I'm pretty eclectic about what I stick up, but a beautifully detailed piece with strong colours gets me every time.
If I were a  designer I'd call it a mood board, but mine's not about mood it's an inspiration wall, keeps me nurtured visually.
But.. does it make me paint better?  Is this just another delaying tactic?


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