Display Options for Paintings.

I was going to title  this post hanging options but thought better of it!
So settled on display options for paintings.
For my birthday we took a trip to IKEA (We know how to enjoy ourselves!)
Apart from buying a lovely trolley for my studio and eating Swedish meatballs we looked at the picture frames which were so cheap my picture framer husband felt quite depressed..
But IKEA is nothing if not varied and one of the other wonderful things we saw was a picture shelf, and now I've looked it up and it's called a picture ledge.

I did a little drawing of it. and can't believe what a wonderful idea it is!

You can put all your pictures on it, move them around, and for my unframed paintings on canvas panel it seems the ideal solution.

This is the set up we use at home, called a hanging system, purchased from Great Art at great expense.

 I like it quite a lot, but it's fiddly and takes time to get right. It's main advantage is that you don't have to hammer nails in the wall each time you change pictures.

But I'm seriously thinking of a ledge or two.
Am I sure my husband will take kindly to replacing all this wonderful hanging system? I don't think so!


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