5 Really Useful Tips For Oil Painters!

Forgive me if you know these 5 tips already. In fact I'm sure you  do. To tell you the truth it's  possible  I'm writing purely for my own benefit, because I keep forgetting to implement my own wise words all the time. But here they are any way.

  1. Always wash your brushes after each session. Wipe with a rag soaked in spirit, then wash with soap and water.
  2. Never assume a painting is dry..that way leads to paint on your best frock.
  3. Another use for baby oil! Rubbed into your hands it lifts the paint off a treat.
  4. Fix an underlying pencil drawing with spray fixative to prevent the graphite leaching into the oil paint.
  5. Cover unused paint on your palette with cling film overnight.
These are my 5 favourite tips.
What are yours?


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