Why You Should Keep Track of the Artwork.

When Christmas is over and done with and the world is restored to sanity I plan to be more active in sharing my paintings with the world.
Mary Kemp. Paintings started during "Live Art" at Art in the Heart , Peterborough.
It was a salutary exercise cataloguing all my artwork.
I paint with a one track mind and the only thing I'm concerned with at the time is producing a good painting. When, if, I've done that I loose interest and on many occasions have simply put  the piece aside and carried on with the next one.
It was a shock to find I had so many unseen paintings.
So I am limbering up with a new statement, CV and biography ready to hit 2014. ( I know. It's the art that counts. Why do we have to write about it?)
Meanwhile I have a lovely commission I must finish  which is taking shape nicely so things are looking good.


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