Priming MDF with Gesso.

If truth were told my favourite surface to paint on is board. I like the resistance of a solid surface and the smoothness and ability to create your own texture. Canvas always seems to give me bumps where I don't want them and the texture from it can be quite a feature. Of course sometimes that great but not always.
Windsor and Newton Acrylic White Gesso
I've been asked to paint a largish painting of a family group at the seaside so I've had my piece of board cut and I've primed it with gesso. I lightly sanded down, wiped carefully then put on 3 coats, probably only needed 2, allowing it to dry between each coat.
When it comes to priming there are all sorts of options. I have been known to use house emulsion but it's not recommended. Usually I look in the art shop or online for a bargain in gesso on the principle that there can't be much difference in a pot of gesso, but I've learnt there is. Some are quite watery, some have lots of texture, which I don't like, and some are horribly shiny. The last pot I had was very good but I threw the container away and forgot to take note.
So this time I bought a large pot of artists acrylic gesso from Windsor and Newton , maximum cover, suitable for both oil and acrylic, and it goes on a dream. It's smooth and beautifully white.
Today I start painting on it. The sun is now up so down to the studio I go!


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