A Roll Of Canvas

Last year I bought myself a roll of canvas with the idea of making my own stretched canvases.
I'm not super fond of canvas to paint on because I don't like the springiness, but I have been using pre-prepared canvas covered boards although the sizes are quite limited.
So the logical thing is to make my own covered boards.
I bought raw canvas which I think wasn't the wisest thing because it needs priming so that is what I have done today. I started with a small board just to try.
I cut a square of canvas bigger than the board and stapled pulled over to the back.
The first effort I had to discard because I'd used large staples and they came right through. The next one I used smaller. Then I primed it with two coats of gesso and that's as far as I've got at the moment. I'm waiting for it to dry.
The canvas is much more luxuriant than the ready made ones, so the next thing I will do is paint on it and see what the outcome is.


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