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Painting of Blakeney Church. (From Roll of Canvas to Painting)

A Roll Of Canvas

Why You Should Keep Track of the Artwork.

That Time of Year Again.

Priming MDF with Gesso.

Landed Exhibition by Sue Shields

More of Keeping Track of the Artwork.

Painting in Public at Art in the Heart, Peterborough.

If Only I'd Worn the Computer Glasses.

On the Rocks. (I Paint in Twos.)

Colour and Light in Oils by Nicholas Verrall.

Why Drawing is Important

Keeping Track of the Artwork

The Studio Handbook by Martin Kinnear.

Masterpieces, Art and East Anglia at the Sainsbury's Centre, University of East Anglia.

Tea at the Garden Centre.

For Speed Choose Acrylics.

Wish List for the Ideal Studio.

Vibrant Acrylics by Hashim Akib

Why Doesn't Fiction Have Illustrations with the Text.

Not Here , Not Now !

The Importance of Consistency

The Wonders of Modern Technology for the Artist.

Frank Auerbach

Something Else I've Learnt.

Forest Path

Dark Landscape

Is It Finished Yet?

Recipe for a Painting. 2.

Recipe for a Painting.

Autumn Leaves.

Oh Dear, Composition, Planning and All That.

Taking a Photograph of an Oil Painting with Lots of Black Shiny Areas.

Into the Dark

Autumn Paintings

Two New-to-Me Colours

Such a Simple Way to Save Money for Artists.

Norfolk Painting School

Handy Tip For Oil Painters.

What to Paint For Autumn..

Sketching on the Beach