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Thoughts on the Eve of an Art Fair

Oh why do I do it?????

Have I got everything I need?
Have I got the dates right?
Do I know the time?
Do I know where it is?

Am I appropriately dressed? !!!!!
Will it be hot? Will it be cold?

Will I have enough to eat?

MOST IMPORTANT. Where are the loos?

Is there enough change in the box?
Hope there's someone nice next to me.

What's the lighting like?
Have I got my glasses?
What if no one comes?
Worse still what if lots of people come and no-one buys from me?
Have I packed the sellotape, blue tac, pens, business cards........packaging, bags..........?
Have I told everyone I know?
Are they interested?
Should I have a glass of wine tonight?
Will it prevent me sleeping?
Is it possible to smile ALL DAY if you're grumpy at heart?
What if my work's not up to scratch?
Are my prices too high? TOO LOW???

Will I frighten people away?
Am I too friendly? too aggressive?
WILL MY CARD READER WORK? (Of course that doesn't matter because no one will ever buy any…

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