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Bittersweet Inspiration.

Dear Seaside Friends,

Today I'm sharing with you the bittersweet inspiration of my modern beach series of paintings called "Long Lost Days" and also the fact that I've created a whole new online Etsy shop to show them off.
I'm still running my other shop at full pelt, but I felt this series needed a whole shop to itself, especially as I seem to be adding to the series constantly.

This series comes from the fact that I  was sort of sad when my children grew up and left home. Not that I didn't want them to fly the nest. But, you know, no matter how much your brain tells you it's the way it should be and you've done a great job, your heart feels a little bit empty.

Like most parents I'd been so busy battling through the everyday that I hadn't realised how precious  those days were until they were gone.
Now I realise that part of my life is behind me.
I still see my children and their families often but I am a bit player  instead of the main prota…

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