Welcome Autumn!

Oh, don't you just love autumn!
studio mary kemp
© Mary Kemp.
Studio in Autumn
I revel in it's misty mornings and trees exploding into colour. There's conkers and baked potatoes, not to mention wooly jumpers, and for the knitters amongst us a new project in heather coloured wool to accompany all that telly watching.
It's just a shame it has to lead to winter.

© Mary Kemp
"Autumn Tree"
Sometimes I paint autumn (although my heart really belongs to summer)
It's very difficult for me not to reach for the blue. Sometimes I have to consciously decide not to use blue because before I know it everything is cobalt or cerulean or ultramarine.

© Mary Kemp

"Three Trees in a Russet Field"

And should I include my all time favourite autumn painting, from many years ago?

© Mary Kemp

"French Jug"
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Happy autumn to one and all!
                                                     Mary xx


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