Painting From Start to Finish

© Mary Kemp
"Woman and Child"
I sold this painting earlier on in the year and because, unusually I recorded how I painted it, I wanted to share it with you.
Like a lot of artists I know, my head is always full of pictures, and it's very difficult when you think in pictures to put your ideas into words.

I took a photo of one of my granddaughters paddling in the shallow seas of the Norfolk coast. She was surrounded by water, with poised self sufficiency. So much so that I wanted to translate her pose into a painting.

Without further explanation here is how I painted this picture.

Quick sketch and transparent raw Sienna ground.

Cerulean blue and cobalt blue sea.

More yellow.

Defining the waves.

Getting to grips with the figures.

Whole picture so far.

Detail and colour on figures.

The orange changes
the feel of the  picture completely.

Woman and Child
Oil on canvas panel
30 x 30 cm


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