Walking Into The Sunset

 I've painted several commissions already this year but this one of a couple walking into the sunset was a little bit different.

Usually I paint dogs and families on the beach. It's a sight I absolutely adore, and if there's one subject that allows you to bring a piece of the seaside home with you it's children, or dogs, or children and dogs, running around on the beach having fun.

This summer however one of my commissions turned out to be not the same. I was asked to paint not dogs or children but a couple on the beach.

It was a young couple, just a silhouette as a reminder of being together at that time. The whole painting was inspired by one of my more abstract impressionist pieces.


 Although the painting was very impressionistic and the couple not identifiable I was nevertheless sent photos so I could get their relative height and build right.
I took great pleasure in painting this picture and was pleased with the end result, and even more pleased when it was well received!

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