Golden Sands and Sky Blue Watercolours.

New Watercolours 
watercolour. Leaping into the Unknown.
© mary kemp
When the weather was bad and my studio too cold for this soft artist to work in I thought it a good idea to paint a few watercolours in the warmth of the back bedroom! I could look out over my grey garden and dream.......

Of course the subjects weren't a million miles away from the sea. Even in the cold weather the sound of the waves was tugging at my heartstrings and sky blue and the colour of golden sands were the only colours to put on the paper. I suppose the blue could have been ice, but really it was the North sea, which to many people now I come to think of it does seem cold and inhospitable.

© Mary Kemp
"Seaside Fun"
And just to put the record straight the North sea from the east coast in Norfolk is a very friendly place in summer with it's never ending sands and shallow sea for paddling in, the ideal place in fact for a few days by the sea.

At the moment I am gearing up for Open Studios 2018. A selection of these watercolours will have a space on the walls along with my more usual oil paintings and all manner of prints and cards.

Come and visit, mention my blog. I'd love to see you.

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