"Summer Holiday" an In Depth Look

Dear fellow art lovers,

Writers are always told to write about the things they know and I suppose artists are much the same, they paint or sculp or draw the subjects that are close to them.

So it's no surprise, to me at least, that I paint the seaside.
I've never lived by the sea , but we're a small island here so I've visited the coast in all it's moods very often, spring, summer, autumn and winter, all through my life, under all sorts of circumstances, happy and sad, rich or poor. Even when we go abroad I feel I must visit the sea.
My latest picture "Summer Holiday" sparks sharp memories of childhood holidays.
I can feel the cold and splash of the waves on my legs, but it was observed years later when my own children did the very same thing. Except that they are so much bolder in the sea than me.

Technical details: 
I know there are those among you who love the technical bits, the nitty gritty of it all.
Well I've painted this on a canvas panel that I primed with a couple of layers of gesso. 
I use oil paints having roughly positioned the figures in pencil. There's a transparent pale yellow wash goes on first, to give it a bit of a glow, and then I add the sky and sea. 
The figures I have painted with largely transparent colours, burnt siena is a favourite, and there's purple and magenta in there too. You might notice that I use a palette knife for the sea and the waves to bring out the splashiness of the water. 
To my oil paints I add a small amount of Liquin medium and when I want to beef it up I use Liquin Gel that holds the brush strokes. It also helps it dry quicker.

Key colours are cerulean blue and pale Naples yellow, although recently I've discovered Azure blue by Sennelier, an intense seasidey turquoise colour. I've used a lot of ultramarine violet too.

I've framed this painting very simply in a white floater frame, and it's all ready to hang in my open studio event next month.

Thanks for looking                                 

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