The Best New Year Resolution Ever! Draw More.

Well, as usual I've made loads of New Year's resolutions. Like eat less and exercise more, be tidy....
But the resolution I really ought to make is DRAW MORE.

My sketchbooks from last year are not nearly as full as usual. And whilst I've painted a lot somehow the drawing has come a very poor second.
We've battled coughs and colds over the Christmas period, another excuse to be idle, but I've left the sketchbook out enticingly and done a few sketches.

Mary Kemp sketch of table
© Mary Kemp
"Getting Ready for the Party"

I know it's important to draw.

  • It helps hand eye coordination.
  • Makes you see, really see, not just look at , but explore what's in front of you.
  • Improves visual memory.
  • Gets your hands working, so important whatever you're trying to do.
  • Keeps the ideas flowing. When you're drawing one idea often flows seamlessly into another.
  • And the more you do the better you get, and the easier it gets.
I've written before about my sketching equipment and I continue to refine it.
For round the house and non sketching expeditions this is what I use.
Mary Kemp Sketching
© Mary Kemp
8" x 8" spiral hard backed sketchbook.
Pencil case containing
Gel pens
Soft colour pencils
Small palette of watercolours
Sable brush in it's own case
Plus small bottle of water, collapsible water pot and a tissue or two.

© Mary Kemp

© Mary Kemp
"Fruit and Veg"

I don't spend too long on these sketches. They are just practice, the warm up to my finished paintings, to keep my eye in over the winter months.


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