Among All the Excitement of Christmas.

A few days before Christmas there was a knock at our front door.
A man stood there with a child's shoe in his hand.
My husband recognised him as the man who had bought our previous house. We had lived in that house for a long time and our children had grown up there.
Mary Kemp. Sketch
© Mary Kemp
Child's Shoe

The man explained that he had been clearing out the loft and had found this small brown shoe. My last memories of that loft are being up there at 11 o'clock the night before we moved throwing things down to pack ready for the move.
As I hold this shoe in my hand I can see myself hurrying up a child to put it on getting ready for school. I can remember cleaning it with brush and brown polish and I feel infinitely sad that my children are now adults.
Enough of this sentimentality...... I shake myself because life goes on and so I get out my sketch book and have a quiet moment drawing, trying to pin down which of my strapping sons this shoe belonged to.


  1. Oh Mary. Jerome painted Rosie shoe as the resonance of first steps and innocence were captured for ever. Bless you and the guy who made your day.x


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