I'm Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone.

Mary Kemp Escape From the Crowds. Oil on canvas
Escape from the Crowds
©Mary Kemp
The real reason I'm stepping out of my comfort zone is I'm taking part in an artists market in November at Stamford Arts Centre. with a group called ESCartists
It's been ages since I did such a thing, though at one time you could see me manning a stall somewhere or other nearly every weekend with my spooky dragons and mysterious landscapes (another life).
I don't know quite why I decided to do this , I think the fact that it's indoors helps and also it's part of a gallery exhibition I'm participating in.
Here's the info:

ESCartists Gallery Exhibition – 25 Oct – 5 Nov 2017.  

at Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford.

Artist Market - 5th November. Entry is free.

Mary Kemp Prints
Loads of prints ready waiting to be packaged up
in luxurious mounts.

This week my studio has been knee deep in frames, and mounts and packaging for greetings cards.

Today I wonder why I'm doing it but when it all gets going I shall enjoy it, the hustle and bustle and the camaraderie.
Autumn Trees
©Mary kemp
Hunstanton Beach
© Mary Kemp

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