Delivery by Bike

Those who know me are getting a bit fed up with me going on about how much I love my bike.

So it's no wonder that my delivery system
 often involves my trusty stead.

Since I bought it last year I've been in raptures, extolling it's rideability and the way it zooms along the road, making me look like a witch on a broom stick even in a head wind.

Some I can't get on
my bike so I have to
call in a carrier!

Each time I go out on it I feel like I'm  on holiday.

The nearest post office is less than a mile away so to dispach prints or small paintings that's where I go. I make my shipping days Mondays and Thursdays unless someone's got a need for an emergency piece of art although I suppose a speedy bicycle trip every day might not be such a bad thing!

These are the two prints I posted today, battling a headwind on the way there, and just floating home on the way back.
Mary Kemp
Ginger Cat on the Table

Mary Kemp
Border Collie in the Northumbrian Coast
If you'd like to be part of my next postal run just hit the link to buy your very own at my Etsy shop.


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