Peterborough Artists' Open Studios 2016 Steps Up a Gear!

The open studio movement has been alive and well in Peterborough for over 15 years.
Intrepid, sociable artists have flung open their doors to the general public through out the city and beyond during 3 weekends in the summer.

For the past two years
I haven't taken part, and I readily acknowledge that I miss it. I miss the sense of being part of something, and the opportunity to meet new people and show them what I paint.
This doesn't stop me visiting other venues though, and already I've been out and about.

The big event this year is the City Gallery Exhibition on until 6th July.
Oh Peterborough you have done yourself proud! 
I hope loads of people visit the gallery at Peterborough museum (sadly tucked away in a side street, but don't let that stop you!) because I believe this is a joyful display of what the city has to offer from it's artists. Most of those who are taking part in Open Studios have work here, and it looks good. I found it agreeably hung so it was a pleasure to look around. The city gallery is a light and airy venue and shows off the art well.
The private view on Thursday night was a very jolly affair with music and gin and tonic!
In this photo are Charron Pugsley-Hill, a colourful artist,  and Liz and Jerome Hunt, more of him later!

St. Marks Church,
On Saturday I visited my first venue, St. Marks Church, home to:
Carole Boyer, encaustic art and watercolour paintings of flowers. I like her flowers best.
Josephine Kelly, a sort of maverick painter, seeing the world just a bit differently.
Paul Saunders, digital photographer with  an eye to here and now, and the past.
Tony Nero shows us all subjects, from jungle animals to Fen landscapes.
Una Williams  is a wild life artist. Her work is characterised by attention to detail.

On Saturday night there was yet another private view to visit!
The Painter and The Printmaker at Stamford Arts Centre, on until 12th July.

At Stamford Arts Centre.
Jerome Hunt and John McGowan are both masters of their art, and the combination of detailed prints and serious oil paintings was a delight to see. I believe Jerome is painting in the venue during the week.

The joy of open studios is the diversity. 
On Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol  in his abundant garden. Who says art has to be stuck inside on the walls. Here it was displayed all over the garden, big, bright paintings. Wonderful! I forgot to take my phone with me so have no photos. Do look at his website.


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