Every Artist Needs an Inspiration Wall.

Sometimes inspiration walks with you all the way, hand in hand, and guides you through the day. More often than not it deserts you and crosses the road.
We all know you can't just sit in the studio and wait for an idea to hit you in the face. You've got to have a multitude of  projects up your sleeve.
And then again it's nice to be surrounded by lots of little somethings that nudge your elbow along the way.
I have an inspiration wall. My eyes rest upon it when I'm dithering over which paintbrush to use. ( I have 184 brushes by the way) On this wall I put postcards, scraps torn from the newspaper, any old drawing, pages from catalogues.
You get the picture!

This is the picture I'm looking at most at the moment. It's a portrait of Florence by Harold Knight. So beautifully and sensitively rendered, part of the story that was woven around Alfred Munnings.
I look at the colours and how the foliage dances in the light. I know my skills don't match such expertise, and it should make me feel a bit depressed, but it doesn't.
I shall keep on trying.


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