Painting in Comfort.

Over the years I've had so many different set ups for painting, most dictated by space and available equipment, and now I'm beginning to think I must prioritise comfort over almost anything else.

I've just read a blog by the wonderful Katherine Tyrrell about repetitive strain injury in artists and as I put more and more years into painting I realise that it is taking it's toll. Katherine seems to have suffered a lot more than me, (could be that she's more dedicated!) but I know that even I feel the pain if I paint over several days and don't think about how I stand, sit, where I reach, whether I twist my body or take frequent rests and stretches.

After a frozen shoulder a few years ago I no longer paint at an easel with my arm raised for long periods of time, and then of course bending over to paint has it's drawbacks too. In the everyday world I've given up carrying heavy bags and digging the garden. I wish I could give up housework!

Every so often I take a look at my studio practice and rearrange things.
This is my latest set up.

  • A computer desk and a table easel. 
  • I've put the paints in a long plant pot drip tray 
  • and use an old bathroom glass shelf as a palette on the keyboard shelf. 
  • Paint brushes, turps, rags etc are to the right so no stretching. 
  • The light comes from the left. 
Is this ideal for sitting down to paint?
Of course it all changes when I stand up to the easel. Is there a way of putting my palette in front of me there?
Now I have an engineer for a husband, perhaps he'll invent me something?


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