The Two Biggest Stealers of Painting Time

As I reach for another chocolate biscuit I am reflecting on the day's work. It's been rather bitty if I'm to be honest.
No sooner have I got into one train of thought and something else has dragged me away.
This is a detail from the painting I am working on.
There are two big stealers of my painting time, the internet and life.
The internet I can do something about.  DON'T LOOK AT IT! Simple really. But in my pocket is the ever present mobile phone. I might need it to take a photo of PROGRESS. An important email might come through!!!! And then comes a pause between brush stokes and here I am looking at facebook. Ah, what a cute kitten! Another artist to follow.

Sometimes I think it takes up more time than that thing called life. And that's busy enough.

And of course there's getting your art out to the big wide world. Now that could take every waking minute!

 The only solution is to get up early, leave your gadgets behind, forget the domestic and PAINT.


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