Long Lost Days

As time goes by I find my children have slipped away to become adults and I can only see the children they once were, and the times we had as a family, from a distance.
Mary Kemp.
"Seaside Early Morning"
Oil on canvas panel. 30 x 30 cm.
I hasten to add there's been no falling out or tragedy. They're still talking to me and we're in touch often. It's just that they've grown up, and I think a lot of my painting harks back to the time when we were a young family and I was so busy I found no time to paint at all. A quick sketch was all that I could manage.
I can't say I want those times back again. It was such hard work, so I'm content to see the next generation growing up and enjoy their company, and of course paint a picture or two.
All these thoughts have inspired a new series of paintings, still featuring the subject that is at the heart of all my painting, the seaside, but the figures have become more in the background, as I strive to capture the feelings of those long lost days.


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