Lindisfarne Painting in Progress

A painting in progress. "Lindisfarne Experienced".
Sometimes you struggle with a painting. The idea of it is so clear in your head yet the execution is as tricky as eating a bowl of soup with a knife.
Mary Kemp
Lindisfarne Experienced.
Oil on canvas panel. 30 x 30 cm
This painting has gone back and forth like a bouncing ball. Colours have changed! I've painted out a second figure, and the tonal balance has come and gone like colours swirling in the mist.

Instagram and facebook have seen several snippets, and received likes and hearts at every stage.
Really this oil painting is taking longer than it ought to.
The idea is simple. A modern figure, in shorts and T shirt, doing a very modern thing, taking a photo of the dog on her phone, overshadowed by the historic, mysterious, so un-modern edifice that is Lindisfarne.

Hmm. You know, now I come to think of it, this painting isn't so bad. I just need to make a few adjustments to the figure and the colours of her clothes......
OK. What do you think?


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