The Intention of Drawing Trees.

When ever it is winter I am drawn towards trees, I want to study trees, describe their bare limbs, put them down on paper.
Silver Birch, Anglesey Abbey. Mary Kemp

Today, the sky was clear, we went out to a National Trust property, me with the intention of photographing and drawing a few trees, my husband with the intention of getting round the walk as quickly as possible and having something nice to eat afterwards.
Anglesey Abbey. Photo by Alan Kemp
In the event we did most of those things, with the exception of me drawing because it was just too cold to stand still for long despite several layers of clothes, and I hadn't brought gloves anyway.
But we both took umpteen photos and were glad to get back to the cafe and the promise of hot food.
I started writing this with the idea of posting one of my winter paintings, but I've got a bit off track, taken over by a lot of fresh air and the thought that the days are getting longer.
Did I mention that we saw daffodils and loads of snowdrops, and aconites and helebores?

Oh, OK, here's a drawing from past times.
Tree in the front garden hedge. Mary Kemp.


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