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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Optimising the Studio for Better Painting.

I'm going to tell you how I'm optimising my studio to achieve an environment for a better painting experience, and hopefully for better paintings!
My work space has always been a bit Spartan, with no comfy chair and lots of twisting and turning to get paint to easel. I am beginning to creak and ache, while my feet feel sore after four hours of standing up.
Some time ago I got rid of a rack of storage space , and moved unloved work ( but daren't throw away) into the very spare bedroom. All to make more floor space. Which worked, sort of.

But I've got stuff to put away, and I lost some shelf space.

So yesterday my long suffering husband put up some more shelves, and I am looking forward to tidying things away. 

Crucial to a more usable environment I have moved in a chair with ...cushions. An unheard of luxury!

And a desk easel, so I can sit down and paint, though I still stand up sometimes, but now I can collapse into my chair and think.

Another important piece of kit is a new palette, a wave palette that fits ergonomically to your body, and the paint comes off easily.

 Will all this refurbishment lead to better paintings? more paintings?
All I can say is I don't know. But I'll be more comfortable.

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