What I Would Like For Christmas 2015.

After a lot of thought I have decided what I would really like for Christmas. (Family please take note!)

The thing I'd most like for Christmas is a brush that doesn't need washing. One that I could use  time and time again with the previous colours  never muddying the current colour. I suppose it would have to be a brush that immediately sheds paint when you want it to and always retains an elegant responsive shape and doesn't needed charging with the colour  when you're using it.
Could it replace all these brushes???

It would have the smoothness of the finest Kolinsky sable brush and the sturdiness of a properly dressed, finest quality hog brush with superior firmness and flagged ends for control and blending.

With such a brush no cleaning would be involved, no smelly turps, no swirly water that needs changing every ten minutes, and no rags or bits of kitchen paper.

Of course this wonderful brush has not been invented yet, but I live in a family with a rich engineering and scientific background so I have high hopes!

Otherwise a cd of The Beatles Sergeant Pepper album to listen to while I paint will do very nicely, thank you.


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