In Praise of Instagram

I really enjoy Instagram.
I consume more than I post, but when I come to look at it I do post a lot too.
I love looking through all the beautiful images that come up on my phone, an antedote to the desperate calls to action that comes with facebook and other social media. All I have to do is look and enjoy and more and more images come up for my delight.
Everything is packaged in a square self contained unit. People usually keep commentary to a minimum if at all and the filters make the pictures seem of another world, foreign, not quite real.
If you haven't used instagram do give it a go. All you have to do is type in a word e.g. roses and a wondrous array of images pops up before your very eyes. Or you can look at the instagam feed of one of your favourite people. Here's a screen shot of my gallery.


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