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Thursday, 29 October 2015

I'd Rather be Painting!

This week has got a bit out of control, as I knew it would. I always plan to spend a huge chunk of time painting, but I've had paintings and prints to prepare for two galleries and one exhibition ( well exhibition is rather a grand word for it, it's a room full of paintings in the anteroom at Stamford Art Centre , but it's a good venue and lots of people get to see the work) so my week this far has been spent labeling and framing.

Mary Kemp
Border Collie in a Snowy Orchard
30 x 30 oil on canvas panel

Mary Kemp
Border Collie Under a Red Sky
30 x 30 oil on canvas panel
I always think it won't take long to get work ready, after all I've painted the pictures, a frantic few weeks with winter elated themes,yet it seems to take an age to get everything documented, labeled, framed, ready to hang, and wrapped up safely, almost as long as the painting does. I exaggerate!

It's all done now. It's half term this week so there's other things to do.

But before I think of that I must put some more work on Artfinder because they have a 15% discount this weekend.

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