Green and the Landscape Artist.

There's a certain snobbery about buying green paint.
"Oh I never buy green paint. I mix my own. It gives a much more true to life colour."
(Like I never buy puff pastry, I make my own. Even Mary Berry buys ready made puff pastry)
Green Paint.
And like Mary Berry why make something if there's a much better manufactured product?

Our perception of true colours in nature is anyway now so skewed that we have difficulty remembering what is real and what is not.  We see so many photographs on a day to day basis.
When did you last spend 24 hrs without seeing a manufactured image of some sort, a photo, book, magazine, an image on a phone or computer screen, the tv or even a proper painting?

Occasionally we see the real countryside which quite often is mucky brown and not green at all!

So here is a list of useful green paints.
You've probably come across most of them before.
Sap green, great for countyside.
Phtalo green, lurid.
Viridian, not so lurid!
Terre Verte, sort of sludgy.
Hooker's green, bright countryside.
Chromium green oxide, a serious, dead colour.

And to finish I feel I must show you one of my paintings where I reveled in a generous application of  sap green.
Mary Kemp. Monsal Head. Derbyshire.


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