Watercolour Painting. Boats in the Harbour.

I painted this watercolour a couple of years ago. It has since found a new home in the USA, and I was pleased that someone liked it as much as I did.
Mary Kemp. Boats in the Harbour.
10" x 10" watercolour.

I loved the form and rich colour of the boats when I saw them safely moored up.
It's of Blakeney harbour in Norfolk, a place I've drawn and painted many times.
Last time I was there I had a very interesting conversation with a mother with her toddler (you get to talk to a lot of people when you sketch outside) about how the habour was run. Apparently it's a very rare beast, a free harbour and any one can moor their boat there and not pay anything. This is a little creek that fills up fast when the tide comes in. The marshes are to the right full of birds swooping above the water and crying to each other. It's a peaceful place to be.


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