Painting on the Easel. An Update.

This painting has been on the easel for a long time.
Oil painting in progress.
Mary Kemp.
Well not really on the easel, more hanging around the studio. I've been trying to resolve the right hand area of the composition because I felt it needed to be empty but not in a nothing sort of way.
After a bit of work on it yesterday I looked at it this morning and it felt complete.
The inspiration for this painting was a photo I came across of the great Barbara Hepworth at the beginning of her career caught looking out to sea.
The pose spoke of that excitement when all is possible, the world and life is laid out before you just for the taking and you are poised to dive in.
So I persuaded my granddaughter to model for me. She is fast growing and quicker than we know will be at that exciting time of her life.
I think I've finished it now. 
I wonder if this painting will still be around when she's my age.
Here's the link to the first post I made of this painting.
Now all I need is a title.


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