Beach Huts. Oil Painting in Progress.

This rather larger painting than usual is the oil painting I have on my easel at the moment. It's been germinating away in my mind for a long time, beach huts on the coast in line, isolated in a floaty sort of way because life on the beach is isolated, not of the real world.
Beach Huts. Oil painting in progress!
100 x 50 cm

I drew the outline carefully, trying to keep all the uprights upright and the perspective in the proper direction! Yes of course I used a ruler. I drew with a water soluble pencil in a dull Delft blue.
My palette is rather restricted
Titanium white
Cerulean blue
Cobalt blue
Ultramarine violet
Buff titanium
Naples yellow
Raw umber
and raw sienna and cadmium yellow to make a pale cream with the white.
There's still a way to go but I aim to finish it this week and will post it on my facebook page.


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