A Different Seed. John Lincoln and Stuart Goodacre.

I have known John Lincoln and Stuart Goodacre for a long time and always been interested in the work they produce. So I was pleased to see that they were showcasing some of their recent paintings in an exhibition at Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding, in the Geest Gallery.
Here is the lovely poster they produced, though I had to stalk Stuart's facebook page to get it!
"A Different Seed"
John Lincoln and Stuart Goodacre
Geest Gallery, Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding
5th September to 26th September 2015
They are two very different artists but somehow similar, both quite abstract in their approach to painting, but very precise and contained.

If I had to describe John Lincoln's paintings in this exhibition I would say they're very cellular, like botanical drawings but with more substance, a bit pop art. I hope he doesn't mind me saying that. I liked them very much, even though I was left with the feeling there was something going on I didn't quite understand.
Paintings by John Lincoln 

I couldn't find any website for Stuart Goodacre but I wouldn't mind seeing one. His paintings are bright and full of interesting patterns and colour juxtapositions. Again I was left with the feeling I didn't know what was going on. I was particularly puzzled by one piece called "it is not right". On closer examination it had NO HA HA DRET written into the design.  
I was also greatly intrigued by three black wall mounted 3D artworks called Black 2, made from a shiny plastic substance. Reminded me of entrails. It leaves me with the old chestnut should you be able to explain art in words or let the visual experience take over?
Paintings by Stuart Goodacre

Yes , in this case, I could have done with a bit more written explanation from both artists, just a few words to help me along. But having said that it was a thoroughly enjoyable exhibition with a lot of food for thought.

Please visit. It's quite small  but well worth seeing. On until 26th October.
I couldn't help adding this snap.
Beautiful begonias under the magnolia at Ayscoughfee Hall!


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