My Beautiful Bicycle, an Oil Painting.

I don't drive , being a sensible person, so quite often I get around by bicycle.
Notwithstanding all that murderous traffic (they're all out to get you, you know) it is the most wonderful way to travel a shortish distance. The wind in your hair, the rain on your face!

I've had this bike a few years now and a  while ago I decided to make it the subject of an oil painting.

My Beautiful Bicycle (Available)

A bicycle needs to be celebrated. It's an integral part of life, like a table or chair, not at all like a car which has so much attached to it by way of prestige or money. My bike is comfortable and a useful tool.

There are a few challenges with cycle paintings, all those wheels and spokes and accuracy. You don't want to paint it side on because that just looks boring , but to paint from the front or back presents a few problems of perspective and scale.

Here I have shown my cycle propped up against the wall by the place I work at one day a week. There are cherry trees to the right of the picture which drop  petals and dappled shade all over it. I come back from lunch and this is the sight I am greeted with and it uplifts my soul.

So I painted this oil painting in praise of my beautiful bicycle.


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