Holiday Snaps!

Oh my goodness!

We went on holiday and I did no drawing whatsoever. I took all my kit, well sketchbook and pencils, but some how there was just so much else to do I didn't put pen to paper except to write a couple of post cards.

Glorious windswept Northumberland was our destination and we visited castles and vast stretches of beach with sunshine and bursts of torrential rain, so I ate well and slept well and enjoyed my family , but neglected my art.

The camera got used quite a bit, but mainly for holiday snaps.

One thing we did do on the art front and which I thought I ought to write about for this blog was visit a couple of exhibitions.

The first was at the Lady Waterford Hall in the village of Ford.
Lady Waterford was a sort of Renaissance lady in the Victorian era, a philanthropist and gifted artist who painted the hall with powerful pre-Raphaelite murals many depicting village children. Her drawings are exquisite and here is one of them, executed from memory.

I can only observe and wonder.
Children Crossing the Street
Lady Louisa Waterford
My family quite enjoyed this exhibition, but wouldn't have gone in if not for me.

The next exhibition we came upon was completely different, nothing historical about that!

Called Generation AIR by Spacecadets it was set in the Gymnasium Gallery of the  Barracks within Berwick city walls.
Generation AIR by Spacecadets.
(The frondy thing kept inflating and deflating)
A joyous fun filled installation full of colour and appealing to the child in us all.

We spent some time there , and my husband sat and watched peoples reactions as they came in. Some were captivated but a few turned their noses up in no uncertain terms! You can't please every one.

So that was a snippet of my holiday and now I am ready to face the rest of the year!


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