Quick Tip For Artists. Get More Painting Time!

Get more painting time.

Sounds so easy, yet so hard to do.

Electronic gadget-free zone. (Mostly..)
Write a list of things to do and put painting at the top of your list.

OK, that's a bit simplistic. Life crowds in.
The dishes need washing, the cat needs feeding, the kids need feeding! and then your phone buzzes.
But the only way to make sure you have the time to paint is make sure that's your priority.
If it's an activity you do after everything else is done  you'll give it neither time nor energy.
I hold my hands up to the fact that I struggle with time management, and I do spend an awful lot of time flicking through my phone when I should be painting. There are definitely days when I lack focus, but I know that the days when I have a list, get up early and start painting straight away, leaving electronic gadgets outside the studio, are the days when I get most done.


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