Peterborough Artists' Open Studios, the First Weekend 2015

This year, for the first time in ten years I am not taking part in our local Peterborough Open Studios event.
I would feel sad, but I don't miss the frantic last minute rush to get everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion, and any way this weekend we have three grandchildren to stay.
What an ideal opportunity to introduce them to a bit of culture. Sometimes when you're in the thick of things you don't realise what is going on around you and it was with a much more relaxed open mind that I approached open studios this year, and having children with us helped.

So this is what we saw:

Faye Gagel-Panchal and her wonderful resin finished pieces, many based on embroidery and fabrics.

Faye Gagel-Panchel
Works with a huge presence. Faye gave us an informative talk about her process including the combustible effects of using resin! I had often wondered how she did it, and now I know though I won't dare to do it myself.

With her was exhibitingVeronika Leontyeva in a room full of her dark paintings, strangely compelling.

We then went to St. Marks Church Peterborough to view a bunch of artists exhibiting in the church.
I am not so keen on paintings in churches because the light is often rubbish, but this is mid summer so it wasn't too bad.

The art work that took my eye this time were Karl Dardis paintings in strong, lurid if I was being unkind, colours, very masculine art, and a quite different approach by Josie Kelly-Gobuiwang whose mono prints and drawings in a folder showed me the darker side of our fair city.

At the church the grandchildren made a mosaic with mosaic artist extraordinaire  Mahemuda Arsalani. I like the fact that this activity was aimed at those who get dragged along to such events, Muni will let it dry and add the grout then post it on to them.

The children particularly liked Karl Vardis's acrylic of Peterborough Cathedral and Tony Nero's animal paintings.
I was so busy chatting in the church I didn't take any photos.

Then we went home for lunch!

After lunch it was time to visit two more venues.

I always like Jerome Hunt's paintings. He paints how I'd like to paint and is generous with his time and information.
He's exhibiting with his wife Liz a textile designer, whose work on linen is delicate and thought provoking.
And also there was Pat Nieburg  jewellery designer and maker. I just had to buy a pair of earrings!
Earrings by Pat Nieburg
Here we were treated to tea and cake, and somehow the children seemed to get two lots of cake.
And again I was so busy chatting I forgot to take any photos. Doh!

And then on to our final venue, Charron Pugsley-Hill and Lynne Collins.

Charron's work is very floriforous and bright, instantly recognisable. Some of the designed have been made into products such as bags and cushions adding a nice touch of variety.

Lynne Collins
(see all the sketches behind her!)

.Lynne's work is more focused on the process. She is currently drawing views from Peterborough's street benches, and has set up the Peterborough branch of Urban Sketchers

But the best and most brilliant highlight of the day for my youngest grandchild was Charron's dog, Poppy, who was an excited and exciting companion for our little granddaughter, just for a short while. Such is art!

Thank you to all the artists for making us so welcome.


  1. It was a pleasure to see you and your wonderful family Mary. Great post. You packed a lot into one day and that's what many of the visitors do. We have had more people this year that have never been to an open studios before and that's lovely.

  2. Thanks Lynne. We had a great time.


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