I Dreamt I Was In Walberswick. Funny How Your Mind Plays Tricks.

A few years ago we intrepid sketchers went to Walberwick, a jolly painting trip when we stayed in Southwold. The weather was fine and we did a lot of sketching. At least I thought I did.

I Dreamt I Was in Walberswick. Available.
I've painted many pictures from that excursion and here is one I painted recently.

 I must admit I relied on several photos to get the boats right, but because I can see the scene and feel the atmosphere so clearly in my head, even after all this time I thought I must have done more drawing.

All I could find after searching through my sketchbooks was this pair of drawings.
I used several different sketchbooks for that trip, trying to cover every eventuality, and all I can think is there's a different size and shape sketchbook somewhere in a dark corner of my studio with a landscape shaped drawing of the boats and a black house in the distance.


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