From Manet To My Kitchen

I love a bunch of gladioli, even when they come from the supermarket, so last week I came home with an armful on my bike, which made cycling quite difficult!
The plan was to put them in a vase on the kitchen table, which is where they ended up eventually, but first I wanted to paint them.
One of my long term projects is to paint a panel in a door leading to my kitchen. I'd been to the Inventing Impressionism exhibition at the National Gallery and saw a door decorated with vibrant flowers painted by Monet. I just had to do the same!   So some time ago I had Alan cut a piece of board the right size, and it's been staring at me in the studio with reproach ever since.
Here was my chance, flowers the right shape, beautiful and just waiting to be painted, I had the panel, I had the time.
I set to work.
Mary Kemp. Gladioli.
This is the beginning.


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