Urban Sketchers Peterborough. First Meeting at The Greenback Yard

I've read about Urban Sketchers and thought that sounds a good idea. And did nothing about it. So I was very pleased when Lynne Collins had the same idea , but did something about it.
Is Peterborough urban? Are there enough sketchers here?
Well of course the answer is "yes" to both of those.

And so the Peterborough branch of Urban Sketchers was founded and had it's first event on Sunday, at the Greenback Yard, a vibrant community growing project in the heart of Peterborough.

The Greenback Yard
We were just five members, armed with sketchbooks and a variety of pens, paints and pencils. Seating was discussed, and our founder Lynne had brought some camping chairs as well as cake.

I was awkward and sat on a log. Result, no feeling below the waist at lunch time!

The weather wasn't awfully good, a bit chilly, but we're a hardy bunch and persevered.

We sketched in the
morning after exploring the place, had a break for lunch and discussed what we'd done.
My contribution.
Then we sketched some more.

Here's a selection of photos that I took.

Solid watercolour blocks.
One artist's solution to painting outside with acrylics.
Poppies, and yarrow and artichokes ....
 It was a great day out and a big thank you to Lynne for organising us all!


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