Southwold Lighthouse From the Pier. Monday Painting.

This painting has just found it's permanent home in Scotland, a far cry from Suffolk.
Mary Kemp
Southwold Lighthouse
from the Pier

It was a painting that demanded a bit of energy and passion in the execution because the experience of the day was so invigorating, full of wind and spray and that special feeling of being at the seaside released from life's trials and tribulations.

I painted it quickly, soon after the day out, blocking in the town on the horizon, then adding the sky, cobalt blue, Naples yellow, titanium white and some ultramarine violet before addressing the sea and waves as vigorously as I could because the sea seemed to be rushing to the beach and I was in the middle of it even though I was leaning over the rail of the pier.

I adore Southwold and am glad that this painting has gone to someone who feels the same way as I do.


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