How to Create Texture in an Oil Painting. Some Amateur Experiments.

I'm writing this after a bit of experimentation.

I wanted to add some texture above and beyond thick paint to a piece I was working on.

Usually I reach for the Liquin impasto medium by Windsor and Newton but I'd run out, so needed to use whatever was in the studio.

After a bit of digging this is what I found in my cupboard
Whitening powder
Marble dust
Acrylic sculptural gel.

The whitening powder I mixed with oil paints and it gives a thick satisfying paste texture. But I did it on Monday and it's Thursday now and it's still not dry. I also tried mixing a little alkyd medium with it, but that has made it more like icing and again it's still not dry.

The marble dust didn't really give a good profile at all, and mixed with alkyd was just as soft, and both are still not dry.

Acrylic sculptural gel. Of course I could only use this before applying the oil paints so had to be a bit more certain of what I was doing. But it gave a lovely profile and dried quickly. I could just paint over the top in oils and gain the texture that way.
Acrylic sculptural gel, black paint
added to gesso board.
Oil paint over acrylic sculptural gel.

Acrylic sculptural gel if you know what and where your texture will be.
Alkyd impasto medium for adding during painting.
Whitening powder for a sturdy texture, but don't expect it dry quickly.

And the final conclusion:
I've ordered some alkyd impasto medium. Should be arriving this week.


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