Obsession With Boats. The End of the Line.

Over the past few years I've had a bit of an on going obsession with boats. Possibly it was more of a challenge, to draw and paint the damn things accurately! They have such wonderful lines and curves and I marvel how a man made thing can look so organic and graceful.

It's been quite a mountain to climb, drawing a boat accurately, and between you and me I haven't always achieved it, but hope I've been able to convey the beauty of this magnificent subject at least once or twice.

Row Boat, a small painting listed on Etsy
in an End of the Line Sale !
A part of my art revolves around the seaside and this was a piece of it, see the sea, paint a boat. I've got sketch books full of boats.

But to tell the truth I've come to the end, not of the seaside, but of boats. That's not to say I won't be seduced by them again but right now that's it.

Subjects find you in ripples, wafting in and out of your consciousness over the months and years. Some stay with you for ever and are recurring themes.  For me figures and the sea, landscapes and trees. Other things float in and out, animals, clothes, flowers and even food. Buildings don't get much of a look in although I do like the occasional interior. 

When I do a bit of introspection I see that what I paint is the life around me. Of course I choose what I want to see and I'd be the first to admit it's quite a comfortable vision. I've left all the angst behind me and the unmade beds are quickly tidied up.

So if I'm not going to paint any more boats what am I to paint?
The seaside, with figures and sparkling sunshine.
Fields of poppies, yellow fields.
My garden and bunting draped in the trees.
Grace the border collie, and Bertie and Ginger the cats.

But whatever it is I'll be sharing it on this blog.
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