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Monday, 11 May 2015

Kinvara Castle, an Atmospheric Painting.

When I paint a picture I want to describe not only what I see but how I feel and the atmosphere of the subject.

After all you can get a photo from the good old internet of practically anywhere! 

I've painted a lot of factual pictures and some of them I'm quite proud of,  and yet ........

Kinvara Castle. Available on Etsy
This picture came about after a trip to Ireland. I was blown away by the wildness of the landscape, how green it was and the enormity of the skies.

I fell in love with the Sky Road in Connemara, what a lovely name for a road ! I also fell in love with Kinvara Castle, home of warring chieftains.

 I took loads of photos but they all turned out pale green and brown .Not at all what I saw!
I did manage  a few drawings, which  helps to lodge a scene in your brain, even if you return to paint it months later.

I haven't painted the Sky Road yet. I need an enormous canvas and I don't know if I'm ready for that.

But here is the stark castle at Kinvara, with feeling.

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