Why Instagram is Great.

Of all the social media platforms I think I like Instagram the best.

I consume Instagam more than any other media simply because it's a straight forward visual feed.

What you get when you sign in is picture after picture after picture, a seemingly never ending stream of visual delights.

Peterborough Central Park.
And you get to add visual effects!

I think sometimes words detract from the image that we see. There's so much in this very connected world that you are forced to appreciate on every level, with sight, words and sound. It's good to have something that is biased towards the visual. ( I'm sure music buffs and writers have their favourite platforms too).

I follow 66 people on Instagram. Not a lot, mainly artists and photographers and a few friends. I have even less followers, and only post every now and then.

But I like posting because you get the chance to enhance your image and enter a surreal world that perhaps is remembered as a filter with weird names like Hudson and Lo-Fi, Earlybird or my favourite X-pro II.

This week I posted a video. My first! It was pretty boring really, just a panning shot of one of the painting on my easel. Of course the painting is pretty exciting but my video technique leaves a lot to be desired! Something else to work on.

Look for me on Instagram, maryfkemp. and see what I love.


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