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Thursday, 2 April 2015

5 Self Help Books for Artists.

I'm a sucker for a self help book, a nicely set out plan of how to be instantly happy, successful, popular, paint better, be thinner, be fitter and healthier, or even rule the world.

There's something reassuring about a life plan laid out in  manageable bite sized stages like a Mary Berry recipe.

So here, if you need a little encouragement along the way, are some of my favourites.

  • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. If you've ever lost your mojo this is the one for you. I particularly like her advice about daily pages, writing 3 pages of whatever comes into your head first thing each morning. Guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing!
  • I'd Rather Be in the Studio by Alyson Stansfield. Such a brilliant title and full of useful encouragement, though it does make me feel a bit inadequate. Practical advice for the way the art world is now.
  • Starving to Successful by Jason Horejs, a gallery owner in the USA with a unique take on getting your artwork into galleries. No shrinking violets in his world.
  • Colour and Light in Oils by Nicholas Verrall and Robin Capon. I have long admired Nicholas Verrall, especially after seeing an exhibition of his work at the Catto Gallery in Hampstead. He paints as I would like to paint and this book is full of beautiful pictures and some technical advice. I refer to it quite often, but sadly fall short of his standard. But as Alyson Stansfield would say, "keep making art".
    Studio early morning.
    This is where I should be!
    See my copy of Colour and Light in Oils in the foreground.
  • Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I was in Waterstones looking for a map of London andfelt I had to buy this one. I love the bright yellow cover and the fact that it's square. It also looks full of interesting facts. 10 ways to show your work. How easy is that?
And as I was researching the links for these titles on Amazon I scrolled down the other books they show you.
The IPad for Artists, How to Manage Your Time, Change Your Life, Weight Loss Now.............

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