What To Wear When Creating That Masterpiece.

So what do you wear when creating that masterpiece?
Here's my take on the problem.
I'm an oil painter, and a pretty messy one at that.
And unless I want to end up with a wardrobe full of paint splattered clothes I've got to cover up.
Of course inevitably there's  been a few inadvertent brushes with paintings, and my heavy duty winter coat bears traces of cerulean blue after a late night foray into the studio to put on one last stroke of paint before bed.
To prevent all that this is what I put on before venturing into the studio.
But before I settled on my outfit it had to satisfy a few criteria.

.It had to cover everything so I can wear everyday clothes underneath, except in really hot weather.
2. Had to be washable.
3. Must have pockets.
4. Must look the business- frilly just will not do.
Here's me at my most glamorous!

So I wear.

  1. A pair of walking trousers  from an outdoors clothing shop.
  2. A thick cotton artist's smock with capacious pockets.
  3. Old shoes.
  4. Vinyl gloves to protect my delicate hands.

What to do if you get paint on your clothes.
Oil paint: lift off as much as you can , then dilute with turps. Wash as usual.
Acrylic: lift off straight away, flood with water, then wash with something like Vanish.
I will buy a new smock soon. There's way too much paint on this one. It could stand up on it's own. The last smock I got on a painting weekend at Martin Kinnear's wonderful painting school. It's certainly the business!
Now you've read my solution as to what to wear when creating a masterpiece, it's your turn to tell me how you keep the paint at bay.
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