Sometimes I Like Bright Colours.

Sometimes I like to paint with really bright colours in an expressionist sort of way and just feel the pure joy of the paint.

Usually I paint in a more restrained way and stick to spring-like colours, lots of pale cerulean blue, greens, creams and pale oranges.

 But every so often I feel the need to let rip, and here is the result.

Mary Kemp.
Cliffs at Sunset.
Available from my Etsy shop.
I think it's good to paint a little differently from time to time. It can at the very least enhance what you're already doing, or even lead to something quite amazing.

Occasionally  I paint without any blue, so the painting is very red or brown biased. It's something that feels most alien. It's not a painting if it doesn't contain pale cerulean blue.

Now here's an idea!
If you paint in a detailed way try a painting with bold areas of colour and little definition.
If you paint wild and free try taming it for once! Put in some detail.
Use colours that you don't like. ( Yuk brown and sludge green)
Paint like someone who's work you don't like.

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