My 5 Best Facebook Pages. ( Six if You Count Mine)

Don't we all love Facebook!!

I could spend a week just flicking through this and that, not to mention all the personal stuff!
I even look at videos of cute cats!

I have been wondering about Pinterest and Instagram too, but I'm a bit of a novice there, and my non painting friends don't seem to
use them.

So Facebook it is.

And here are my favourite Facebook pages.
  1. Making a Mark so full of knowledgeable arty stuff. A joy to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest!
  2. Art Biz Coach. Good old Alyson Stansfield, encouragement all the way, with a distinct work hard message..
  3. Julia Dumbarton sends us all loads of colour hugs!
  4. Peterborough Artists' Open Studios even though I'm not taking part this year.
  5. And last but not least A Peek Inside the Artist's Studio. A joy to see how others keep their studios. Some have left me distinctively jealous.
And in case you're wondering here is my page.

I try to post most days. It's a way of sharing pictures without too many words. 


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