Why I Love "Sketching 365" by Katherine Tyrrell

This was my Christmas present to myself !
Sketching 365 by Katherine Tyrrell
I know I should draw more.
I know how important it is. But sometimes the will to pick up a pencil fades and other things clamour for your attention.

What is needed is a post Christmas kick up the backside.

I've long been a fan of Katherine Tyrrell through her great Making A Mark blog. The gold standard of blogs, so when she started talking about her forthcoming book on sketching I knew I had to get a copy.

And last week, courtesy of good old Amazon my copy of Sketching 365 arrived.

Oh my gooodness!

It is packed choc a bloc with so much information, from how to draw to what to use, how to sharpen a pencil even, and drawings on every page. A feast of sketches you wish you'd done yourself, and not all by Katherine but loads of guest artists, different styles, different materials.

I wish I'd had this book at the start of my arty journey. It would have saved a lot of time.

But what it has done is energise my sketch book. The first thing I did after a quick whip  through it was sketch the contestants on Mastermind. Two minutes a subject. I like sketching from the telly. They can't see what you're doing.
Mary Kemp.
 Contestants on Mastermind 09.01.15
And so people I hope you'll excuse me. I'm off to read a bit more of this lovely book, and then I'm going to draw the cat.


  1. Wow - many thanks for such an ace review - you made my day! :)

    Katherine Tyrrell

  2. Thanks Katherine. I've learnt a lot from your blog!


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